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Post  Onure on Sat Mar 12, 2011 3:46 am

Hi I'm Alex.

1. Information about me

2. How long I play Flyff

3. Why I want to be moderator

4. My Times Online

1. Information About Me

- I'm 19 years old (Male) From Germany,GMT+1 , German and English ;)
- My Hobbies: make friends with what play together, Flyff , Soccer
- I'm sometimes funny, but if it's important I take it seriously!

2. How long I play Flyff

I play Flyff for about 1 year!! Have much knowledge of Flyff and I like to Twisted Evil!

3. Why I want to be moderator

I want to be Moderator because I want to Twisted Evil other players (as said). I also wish that the server is on the top 1! I will do everything I can for the server!

4. My Times Online

I am the weekend very often online.

Friday, 14:00 clock - 18:00 clock

Saturday: 13:00 clock - 18:00 clock

Sunday: 15:00 clock - 18:00 clock

(Did clock at 18:30 Friday, Saturday and Sunday football practice: D)

Thanks Smile


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