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Legacy's forum moderator application

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Legacy's forum moderator application Empty Legacy's forum moderator application

Post  Legacy on Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:24 pm

Name: Alex Blasing
Age: 15 (birthday 09-13-1995
Time Zone: GMT: -06:00
Why u want be Forum Moderation?

Well, I like to Twisted Evil people, I figure a lot of players will post on the forums when they have questions, and seeing i Neutral the forum I browse nearly every section, but I do browse every section that has a new post in it. So I know where everything is to Twisted Evil other players. I would also like to control forum movement, such as players posting in wrong sections, and players flamming eachother, I would like to control that so nobody hurts anyones feelings or things such under that category.

How long u online in forum?
I check the forums at least every half hour that im online, im normally online for about 3-6 hours depending on the day lol. I go over every section just to look at other peoples post even if I dont have a comment to say.

Ive been a forum mod on FlyForFlare+DarksidersFlyff and a GM on SodemyFlyff+MoltenMS and HecticMS(maple story).
Maybe 3-8 months on each server. It varies.

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