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GM application [josh]

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GM application [josh] Empty GM application [josh]

Post  jotz on Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:30 pm



Time Zone:


How long u online?:
:10:00am-9:00pm,every day!!

Why u want be GM?
:I want to become a GM not only for my personal interest,i want to become a gm its only bcoz i want to Twisted Evil other people and also our admin staff to reply all those ingame questions..

What u can do for server?
:to tell ppl how to listen and follow some rules in game and in forum, and to guide and support all newbies here and try my best w/ all i can do to them..

GM experience:
:This is my first time to apply in GM's application. If I'll become a GM I promise to do my job.

-P.S : I know the player's in this game doesn't know because I'm not popular. But i surely do promise that you will Neutral me soon because I really want to do my job perfectly. If my GM application form is still short or do you have any comment's about me, I would Neutral to hear from you guy's. I am open to all, I hope you like my simple GM application form, enjoy reading and more luck and blessing's to come to the server, the Flyff Marllboro staff, and of course the loyal player's in this game.



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