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Marcels Gm Applycation ;)

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Marcels Gm Applycation ;)

Post  usanin on Sat Feb 05, 2011 12:30 pm

GM Applycation for FlyForWealth ;)

hello and a good day my name is Marcel i live in hamburg in germany and im 14years old .
Im go in Hamburg in a real school in 9.class.

my hobbies are:
Play outside with friends ,computer, xbox360, tv, soccerball, baskeball.

my time zone:
European Standard Time = GMT+1.

hm and how log im online thats differently
i think so:

16.30~22.00 if nothing come others.

18:30~22.00 or 21.00 there come nothing others .

if im with friends then 19.30~02.00.
if not with friends then 16.00~02.00.

15.00~20.00 if nothing come others.

Why I Want be A Gm?

I want be a gm because i like to pple(people) ingame and i answere of any question its not important if it stupid questions and i have many idees by events .

Hm what i can do for server .

i can by ingame question and chat/forum questions.

hm im can make new sets and so but the shit is my o3d converter dont convert my work things o.o i have allready make a set but i must convert it so i search for
~google~ .

and i can look if someone is striking or make striking things.

And i can by support im a very good supporter.

My GM experience:

my gm experience is not allmost much because i was only of 2 official server files pservers GM,
but i know the rules from a GM.
A gm most pple(people) ingame example: questions or he"s buggy and come not from the place.

A Gm cant give players items or gifts ingame only if they won events.

A gm cant make for players a guild or can join a guild from any normal character.

A Gm must active ingame and in chat/forum for know what is.

A gm must know the places of the monsters and dungeons or the version of flyff game is it example: v17ready because is good for support people.

How you guys can contact me ;)?

you can contact me on Skype : kenien4.
you can conract me on MSN=Windows Live Messenger
icq i dont have sry .
you can contact me too in chat from FlyForWealth and ingame under Silence and in forum im too active
my chat name is Marcel ;).
I hop my GM Applycation was good in Marcel

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