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Post  beware123 on Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:58 pm

Name: Kevin Cho
Age: 16
Time Zone:GMT-8
Country: US, California Smile

How long u online?: On weekdays, I can be online from 4PM to 10/11 PM because I still have school from 8am-3pm. On weekends, I am usually on morning to night, except from 11AM to 2PM on sunday, cause I got church. :/
Why u want be GM? Being a GM will allow me to be "known" better, and if I am known, people will be openly able to ask me questions. Thus! I can answer these questions for people and Twisted Evil them with my years of experience :] and also make new friends.
What u can do for server? I can answer questions for new players, or any questions about the server. I can also give my time in order to do so. More importantly, I can regulate the problems in-game through the commands GM is given.
I'm not sure if this job requires the ability to code or not, but I don't have that ability.
However, I've been using Photoshop for about 2 years so I can make banners and such if needed.

GM Experience: I've been a GM twice, and a forum mod once, the two servers being Solar Flyff and MicroRagnarok. I was a forum mod on Midnite Flyff [for a very short time]. I've been playing Flyff for a while, which allowed me to adapt to servers easily as well as the personality of players. I've not only had experience as a staff, I've had experience as a player for a majority of my time on pservers. I've played RydahMS, Midnite Flyff, Demon Flyff, Mango Flyff, Monster Flyff, MicroRag, and so many more. I've seen how players react, depending on the situation in which they are in.

Heres a banner I've made a while back. Also, my signature one of my artworks too.
Filvex's GM APP Filvexbanner

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