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Post  blog on Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:08 pm

Name: Jonathan Grabinski
Age: 20
Time Zone: US/Canda Eastern.
Country: New York.
Languages: I Speak Fluet English/Spanish/Itlian. How long are you online?: 3-9 Hours A Day(WeekEnd) WeekDays 2-4 Hours. Why do you want be a GM?: I want Help out in here do alot of events for new comers cause,I play alot and to Twisted Evil the sever get better for every one to enjoy Very Happy. What you can do for server? I Can get people to play(More Votes On Sever) And just make alot players Enjoy the game. GM experience: I've never been a GM I think this sever would be a pefect spot to start beacuse its new.
Sever experience on Wealth Flyff:I played for a day got Five friends to join hopeing on more,this game is so far the best i have every played I would like to stay with this sever to Twisted Evil and enjoy it even if im not a GM.
Computer work:I been on computer for a long time now I know alot about them drawing on them creating alot of art on here that will make the sever have custom maps. Surprised Surprised
Sever Played:I played Elite Crystal Flyff 8 Months/Xtacy Flyff 4 Weeks/Insanty Flyff 2 Weeks/Demon Flyff 5 Days/Eclipse Flyff 4 weeks Surprised.

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