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Marcin suggestion :P

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Marcin suggestion :P Empty Marcin suggestion :P

Post  Marcin on Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:23 pm

Up rates:
Exp: 2000x
Penya: 4000x

- Change time guild siege (every day)
- Put in collecting area new items like (grilled ele, upcut stone, etc.. Laughing )
- Change skills and buffs Razz
- Put reward for vote
- Maybe new channel? Surprised
- New players start with pick-up pet (7days)
- Better security site Cool
- Add more CS in cash shop
- Make donate list

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Marcin suggestion :P Empty Re: Marcin suggestion :P

Post  Sook on Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:15 pm

- Everybody wants higher rates, so I think nobody would say no to it. But the rates the server has right now are in balance and are good to. But still, higher rates are always welcome.

- About the change of buffs, what buffs do you exactly want to add or remove?

- A reward for voting is very nice, many people will vote because of the reward. And because every one is voting, the community will grow in an instant.

- About the new channel, maybe a PK channel perhaps?

- The Pick-Up pet would be nice, as you begin to start your journey, it is quit annoying to pick up the stuff all the time you need.

- I don't know what's wrong about the security of the site, but the better it is protected, the less it has chance to be hacked. So why not?

- I would keep some costums up your sleeve for maybe event reward or Donating reward. But adding some CS would be nice for the other players as well. Everybody can create their unique style.

- A donation list could be nice. But perhaps like a in-game badge for the people who have voted like 50$ or more. Like that medail thingy badge.


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Marcin suggestion :P Empty Re: Marcin suggestion :P

Post  Legacy on Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:23 am

really expensive cs items in the shop so when you make it an event prize people would be happy. like 500m per set?

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Marcin suggestion :P Empty Re: Marcin suggestion :P

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