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How to come of server!

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How to come of server! Empty How to come of server!

Post  usanin on Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:25 pm

I make a guide for this server because many pple dont know how to come of the server :S.

also first you make a account here:
under register you can make your account

then download the client here:

or and then of downloads there stand it there can you too download the patcher.

Wdmadrigal is maked to the normal world so download this : wait a little time then come a sentence " Add SKIP" click of it then come the real DL site.

if you had download it put the folder in your world folder.
and make there a folder named WdShoppingTown too because the patcher will be fixed and patched then more.

then patch with the patcher from the game and if they then finish with patched download
my neuz.exe because many pple have problems because behind the patched dont work more
the neuz.exe so download my neuz.exe link here: and wait a little time then come a Sentence
namedd " Add Skip" click of it then come the right DL Link

if you had this too now open the rar data and put the neuz.exe from the rar data in your FlyForWealth folder and make douple click of it then start the game with nothing problem How to come of server! 83451.

and open your client there is a neuz.ini text document i think open it and make by ip ""
and my last word: happy played here ! How to come of server! 83451


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